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New Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo: DanganRonpa AnotherEpisode scans via Dengeki this week. First up is an overview of the different monokuma enemy types you’ll encounter in-game.

Shirokuma: Part of the resistance fighting against the Warriors of Hope.

Kurokuma: An advisor of sorts to the Warriors of Hope.

Monokuma: Still a dick.

Siren Monokuma

Ball Monokuma

Bomber Monokuma

Guard Monokuma

There’s also a general explanation of the various life and energy bars, as well as the 8 different bullet types the gun can equip. These bullets are just used for basic action sequences, but also factor into environmental puzzles and the like. 

Bullets can have their strength increased at the Dekodama shop. Curency comes in the form of Monokuma Medals which are acquired by defeating enemies. 

Lastly, a chart examining the relationship between the various characters and factions. Lol Byakuya and Touko. 

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"Learn to take a joke"

Yeah learn to make one

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Stop trying to make people feel bad for liking things they like

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